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Culture Project – Presentations

It has been great working with you on this BIG project guys! I enjoyed it very much.

This week, you have started sharing what you’ve learned with your classmates, and I LOVE it!

You are doing an amazing job! Thanks everyone!


Would you like to have a look at the photos?

Click here 





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Proverbs, Sayings, Idioms (Matching Activity)

1. What one fears always happens
2. The early bird gets the worm
3. Keep your eyes peeled/open
4. A word to wise is enough
5. There’s no smoke without fire
6. Cut your coat according to your cloth
7. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
8. Every rose has its thorn
9. He who pays the piper calls the tune
10. Bad news travels fast
11. Words cut more than swords
12. The grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence)
13. Keep/Save something for a rainy day
14. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
15. He who laughs last laughs best
16. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
17. Easy come easy go
18. Speak of the devil (and in he walks)
19. It’s on the tip of my tongue
20. She is like a fish out of water




a. Ayağını yorganına göre uzat
b. Anlayana sivrisinek saz, anlamayana davul zurna az
c. Parayı veren düdüğü çalar
d. Bugünün işini yarına bırakma
e. Ak akçe kara gün içindir
f. Bıçak yarası geçer, dil yarası geçmez
g. Sona kalan dona kalır
h. Ateş olmayan yerden duman çıkmaz
i. Güneş girmeyen eve doktor girer
j. Sakınılan göze çöp batar
k. Dereyi görmeden paçaları sıvama
l. Komşunun tavuğu komşuya kaz görünür
m. İyi insan lafının üstüne gelir / İti an çomağı hazırla
n. Son gülen iyi güler
o. Gülü seven dikenine katlanır
p. Dilimin ucunda
q. Haydan gelen huya gider
r. Gözünü dört aç
s. Kötü haber tez duyulur
t. Sudan çıkmış balığa dönmüş
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Culture Project – Useful Links

Here are some links you might use:

  • Countries & Nationalities: (bigger version)


  • Crafts:


  • National Clothes (Game):


  • Food From Around the World:


  • Traditional Dance From Around the World:


  • Traditional Children’s Games From Around the World:






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Gestures in Different Cultures

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Culture Project – Step 4: Etiquette


Set:        10 March 2014

Due:      17 March 2014


Step 4:

a.       Learn about cultural etiquette. As something extra (an idea of your own) you may prepare sketches comparing and contrasting the cultural etiquettes of Turkey and the country you are studying.

b.      Note down the references.


You may use these websites if you like:



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Culture Project – Step 3: Food, Music & Language


Set:        03 March 2014

Due:      10 March 2014


Step 3:

a.       Find what foods are popular in the country you are studying. Write a recipe belonging to the culture of the country, or get a picture / photograph of it. Keep it/them in your file. As something extra (an idea of your own) you may cook/bake an authentic recipe and bring it to school.

b.      Find what type of music is popular in the country you are studying. You may find some information on traditional music, songs, musical instruments of the country. Keep it/them in your file. As something extra (an idea of your own) you may find a piece of folk music and play it in class. You may prepare a worksheet as a listening activity too.

c.       Study that country’s language: Keep a copy of the alphabet in your file. Learn basic words and teach your friends. As something extra (an idea of your own) you may make a picture dictionary, prepare a worksheet or a game for your friends.

d.      Note down the references.


You may use these websites if you like:



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Culture Project – Breakfast

You don’t think everyone eats cheese and tomatoes for breakfast, do you?

Have a look at “50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts”:

Which one is your favourite? (looks yummy)

Which one is interesting to you?

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Culture Project – Step 2: Festivals & Clothes


Set:        24 February 2014

Due:      03 March 2014


Step 2:

a.       Find and learn the national clothes of the country you chose. You may find pictures or photos, draw pictures, write and explain, compare & contrast (Turkey and the country) by using a Venn Diagram, or give information by using another way. Keep it/them in your file.

b.      Find and learn the national festivals (celebrations) of the country you chose. You may choose one of them and learn it well. So, these questions might help you:

- Name of the festival / holiday:

- Date of the festival / holiday:

- Do they wear anything special? What do they wear?

- Do they eat anything special? What do they eat?

- What do they do on that day?

Or you may make a calendar of holidays celebrated there. Keep eveything you have found and made in the file.

c.       Note down the references.



You may use these websites if you like:



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Simon Says

- Stand on one foot
- Thumbs up
- Thumbs down
- Pull the left ear
- Stamp the right foot
- Raise your right hand
- Put your hands on your knees
- Point at …
- Look at the ceiling
- Sit down on the floor
- Bend your knees
- Hug your friend
- Close your eyes
- Hold your ear
- Put your finger on your chin
- Touch your head
- Stand on your right foot and hop in place
- Cross your fingers
- Cross your legs
- Open your mouth
- Whistle
- Whisper my name
- Wait for a bus
- Yawn
- Stretch your arms
- Sneeze
- Smile
- Frown

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Game Time!

First, we talked about the ways of expressing ourselves, then we played a game to have fun and practice asking questions angrily :)

We asked these questions:

* When was Miss Soydan born?

* What did … do yesterday?

* How did … come to school?

* Why did … forget his/her books?

* What was the weather like yesterday?

but we were very, very angry!

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We have some very good books about other cultures in our library. We read one of them together, and then had a look at the other ones in our groups. Some of us took notes for the project too!


Did you learn something new today while reading books? Share with us please.

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How We Express Ourselves

The transdisciplinary theme of our unit is “How We Express Ourselves”.

In what ways do people express their feelings?

This is the mind map we made in 4B today (then we added music & songs too):



Can you think of another way of expressing your feeling?



Culture Project – Step 1: “Fact Card”

Step 1: Fill in the chart below.

Set:        17 February 2014

Due:      24 February 2014


Country:  (example: England)
Continent:  (example: Europe)
Capital City: 
Flag:(Draw it here)
Resources used: 


You may use these websites if you like:


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Culture Project – Evaluation Checklist


WORKING ON THE PRODUCT (Preparation, Stages, Submission Dates)

  1. I chose a country and told my teacher which country I chose. (2 points)
  2. I did brainstorming on “what information I need” before I started my research. (2 points)
  3. The brainstorming sheet is in my file because I sometimes use it. (2 points)
  4. I prepared a fact card (continent, capital, nationality, language, religion, money, flag). (2 points)
  5. I showed my fact card on 24 February or at least I tried to show it. (2 points)
  6. The information on the fact card is correct, and it is neat and tidy. (2 points)
  7. I found some information on the national festivals and clothes of the country by 03 March. (3 points)
  8. I found some information on the food, music and language of the country by 10 March. (3 points)
  9. I found some information on the cultural etiquette by 17 March. (3 points)
  10. I presented my research findings in the weeks of 24 March – 04 April. (2 points)
  11. I completed and submitted the project file by 24 March 2014. (2 points)
  12. I planned & used my time effectively all through the project work and worked as expected. (3 points)
  13. My attitude in class and in the computer lab during the research phases was appropriate. (3 points)
  14. I carried on my research and other work at home when necessary. (2 points)




  1. I submitted the project in a file.  (1 point)
  2. There is a cover page. (1 point)
  3. There is relevant information on the cover page (my name, class, number, my project’s name, date, teacher’s name). (2 points)
  4. The materials in the file are organised in a certain order and they are listed clearly in the contents page. (2 points)
  5. The country I worked on is understood clearly when one looks at the product. (1 point)
  6. There is a world map in the file where the country is circled, so the location is clear. (2 points)
  7. Everything related to the project is in the file. Nothing is lost. (3 points)
  8. I summarised my findings in 2-3 paragraphs (what I’ve learned about this culture). (3 points)
  9. I wrote the summary only in my own sentences. (3 points)
  10. One can understand what I mean when he/she reads the summary. (3 points)
  11. I added my opinion about something I’ve learned when working on this project (interesting/surprising/etc) and explained the reasons (in my summary). (2 points)
  12. There are no grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes in my work. (2 points)
  13. I stated the resources I used (references/bibliography) clearly. (2 points)
  14. The product is neat and tidy (no dirty spots, not torn, etc). (3 points)
  15. The work is supported by visual aids. (2 points)
  16. By using my creativity, I added an idea of my own to my work. (3 points)
  17. You can see that I enjoyed this project when you look at my file. (2 points)




  1. The duration of the presentation where I summarised my findings took 5-7 minutes. (2 points)
  2. I used a clear language during the presentation; pace of my presentation was appropriate. (3 points)
  3. I used my body language effectively during the presentation. (3 points)
  4. I had eye contact with my classmates during the presentation. (3 points)
  5. I used my voice effectively during the presentation. (3 points)
  6. The majority of what I talked about during the presentation was told by me, not read out from somewhere. (3 points).
  7. I spoke in English all through the presentation. (3 points)
  8. I answered the questions of my friends after my presentation. (2 points)
  9. I prepared an activity for the other students (a quiz, questionnaire, puzzle, game, etc). (2 points)
  10. I used some materials that could attract the attention of the audience (visual, audio, etc). (3 points)
  11. I listened to my friends very carefully during their presentations. (3 points)
  12. I raised my hand to ask questions or share my opinion during my friends’ presentations. (2 points)



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Culture Project – The List

Who is working on which country for the project?


Country 4A 4B 4C
Algeria Kaan
Argentina Baran Orkun
Australia Defne Çağla
Azerbaijan Nehir
Belgium Eylül
Brazil  Utku Y. Kayra Burak
Bulgaria Ilgaz
Canada  Atalay Sıla Efsun
China  Lara Ege S. Aslı
Cyprus Defne
Egypt  Duru Ayşe İdil
England  Çakır Lina Zehra
Finland Lara
France Yağmur Eren Selen
Georgia Deniz
Germany Burak Kemal Mirata
Greece Berk
Hong Kong Berat Doğa  Sarp
Iceland Derin
India Irmak
Iraq Ali
Italy Dersu Emir Ceylin
Japan Selin Mert Efe Emre
Ivory Coast
Madagascar Can
Mexico Utku Ü. Kerem Duru
Netherlands Mehmet Burak
New Zealand Işık
Philippines Alisa
Russia Demir Ege Ş. Lara
Saudi Arabia Ada
Spain  İpek Zeynep Ozan
Sweden Alpay
United Arab Emirates
USA  Naz Gizem Tuna
Venezuela  Berfin


If you want to see the whole list of countries again, visit:



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Culture Project


It is time we worked on a project…

We will choose a country,

learn about its culture, and

teach our classmates about it.


First of all, choose a country and

brainstorm on what you need to learn about this country if you want to do a project on its culture.


You will present your project in March,

but you also need to have a Project File to keep everything in.


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Year of Horse

It is the Chinese new year, guys! People in China celebrate the New Year in January or February. This year it begins on January 31.

Wishing all those celebrating around the world a very happy Chinese new year!

2013 was the ‘year of the snake’, and 2014 sees the ‘year of the horse‘.


* Do you know what it means?

* What year was it when you were born?

* What do you know about the Chinese astrology?


To learn more, you can read more here.

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Semester Break Work Ideas

You may:

1. Start writing a diary and tell what you did daily and write about your feelings. You need to buy a small notebook for this one.

2. Read a book and

a. Send a letter to the author
b. Work on the characters and prepare a worksheet / poster / etc
c. Prepare an activity for your classmates
d. Change the end of the book
e. Make it into a theatre play

3. Write a theatre play yourself.

4. Write a story. Make sure that there is enough information on the setting, characters and the plot.

5. Interview someone on a topic of your interest. If your interview is in English, record the voice; if it is in Turkish, write it in English and submit.

6. Keep a holiday journal. Take photos, make a booklet and tell where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, what the weather is like, etc. Fill it with tickets, pictures and thoughts about the places you are visiting.

7. Start a blog and write it every day and put pictures as well. You must get permission from your parents first. If you have a blog already, you don’t need to start another one.

8. Find a penpal and send emails back and forward. Show me some of the e-mail messages. You must get permission from your parents first.

9. Video something (for example the holiday resort you are in) and explain things in English.

10. Read two books by the same author and compare them.

11. Do some research and learn some information about an author.  Compare him/her to an author you know (you may use a Venn Diagram).

12. Read a book and watch the film version. Compare them.

13. Act out a scene from a play (do not read) and ask someone to help you with shooting it.

14. Create your own alphabet and prepare an activity for your classmates by using that alphabet.

15. Prepare 15 questions by using what we studied in the first semester and make a practice test booklet.

16. Create an imaginary character. Introduce the character to us and support your work by visuals (you may video record it).

17. Create an imaginary place. Tell us about the place and support your work by visuals.

18. Choose a quotation and write an essay on it.

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Being a Teacher – Part 3

Today, Nehir and Irmak were our teachers, and 4B students worked on ‘hamsters’ and ‘fashion’ in class. I am sure they’ve learned a lot.

And Gizem helped these ladies too because she is helpful (and also because she is using her tickets this way :) ). You worked very well again 4B, thank you for your support. Great job Irmak & Nehir!


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Quiz – Mars

Take a quiz on Mars :)

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Being a Teacher – Part 2

Today, Derin was the teacher in 4B. She taught us a lot about ‘cycles’. I learned so many things Derin, thank you. Thanks Gizem for your help. You worked very well 4B, thank you for your support. Especially Sıla…

Great job Derin! I am impressed. Was it hard to be a teacher? What do you think 4B? Is there anyone who wants to be a teacher?

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One Moon, Many Myths

This week, we worked on the text called “One Moon, Many Myths”. First, we studied some key words (appear/disappear, puffy clouds, bark, cloth, beating bark to make cloth, full moon, rainbow, canoe, laugh, hide, fingerprints). Then we read three myths about the moon: One from Hawaii, one from Australia, and one from India. We picked one of them, read it carefully again, and drew a picture to describe the scene.

We did gallery walk to see all the pictures.

The last activity was to practice reading with expression. We gave feedback to each other so we could do much better.


I enjoyed the lesson very much! Did you?

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One Moon Many Myths Vocabulary

Appear & Disappear


Puffy Clouds

Puffy Clouds







Beating bark to make cloth

Beating bark to make cloth

The Phases of the Moon

The Phases of the Moon


Full Moon

Full Moon




Two girls in a canoe

Two girls in a canoe



A boy hiding

Boys hiding






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KWL Charts

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Being a Teacher – Is It Easy?

Mirata used his tickets and he became a teacher for 40 minutes today! Ada assisted him, and 4C students worked REALLY VERY WELL on the Nutcracker.

Thank you Mirata! You did an amazing job and your friends learned a lot.

Thank you Ada! You helped your friend a lot.

Thank you 4C! You participated a lot.


Do you think it is easy to be a teacher guys? Share your opinion please.

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Dance with Sid


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Synonyms & Antonyms

Let’s play a game!




1. Did you enjoy the game?

2. Is this topic easy?

3. Write a pair of synonyms and a pair of antonyms please.

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Main Idea

This week, we are working on the difference between a “topic” and a “main idea”.

Please watch this video first to get the difference:


Then do some practice please:


And more practice:

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Don’t Worry Be Happy

Visit the website below, listen to the song, and fill in the blanks.




Extra Questions:

1. Did you enjoy the song?

2. Do you think Bobby McFerrin is a fun guy?

3. What is the main idea?



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What do you want to do by using your tickets?

Would you like to share opinion?


Let me remind:

200 tickets: Café

170 tickets: Class outside

150 tickets: Film for 2 periods

100 tickets: Computer games for 1 period for all class or film for 1 period

80 tickets: Class games for 1 period decided by the student


50 tickets: – Teach a lesson

- Decide on the activity to be done

- An English Book (teacher will buy)

- A Movie (teacher will buy)


30 tickets: – Free hour in class (only that student)

- Can go to library for 1 hour (only that student)

- Don’t do something you don’t want to do (other than the exams, project, performance tasks)

- A chance to try a make up quiz

- Listen to your favourite CD during lesson

- 15 minutes free computer games (lab/class – only that student)

- Toilet pass (5 times – 2 mins – for 1 month)


20 tickets: – Extra 2 minutes

- Can choose a responsibility for 1 week

- Don’t do 1 piece of homework


15 – 19 tickets: Gift (a number between 1-50)

10 – 14  tickets: Candy or sticker

0 – 9 tickets: :)


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English Language

American and British people speak the same language, but there are some differences between them. For example, the sound of Americans’ speech is different from the Brits’. The spelling is a little different too. For example, Americans spell the word “colour” “c-o-l-o-r”, but British people spell it as “c-o-l-o-u-r”. There are some different words too such as “truck” in American English and “lorry” in British English. All of this started more than 200 years ago because Americans wanted to separate themselves from the British government. Benjamin Franklin wanted a new system of spelling, and Webster had some ideas.



Now, if you feel ready, listen to the text:

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Blogs Blogs Blogs

Here! We have new blogs! I am very happy :)






Thank you…

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We are practicing performing the “A Quiet Family Christmas” playscript.

Do you enjoy our drama lessons?

The play was written by Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore.

Would you like to meet Steves?

Here is their website: the2steves

You can visit the website, read books there and send an e-mail to the writers. For example, you can write how you feel about the play.



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The third Unit of Inquiry is “Matter” and from Cornerstone we will be doing the unit called “Neighbours in Space”, which is very exciting!


We started by brainstorming on what we already know about space, and had a chance to discuss a little bit and add more.

I can see that some of us know a lot about the solar system and are very excited because we will study space.


1. Are you interested in space?

2. What did you choose for your research (KWL chart)?


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Today, fifteen students in 4A started their blogs.

I AM EXCITED GUYS, and looking forward to seeing your blogs!


Please share it with us when you are ready.

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10 December

Today is World Human Rights Day! The UN (United Nations) proclaimed 10 December as Human Rights Day in 1950.


Happy Human Rights Day!


Would you like to have a look at your rights?

Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here.



Nelson Mandela was the first person in his family who went to school – Imagine if he had never had the chance!


Do you believe that education is a fundamental human right?

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Atatürk & the Learner Profile

Another group work! We love group work…


Today, we read some texts about the life of Atatürk and made posters.

By the end of the activity, we realised that he was a principled, knowledgeable, open-minded, reflective, caring and balanced man who was a good communicator, an inquirer,  a thinker and a risk-taker.

We love him and miss him very much…


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Past Simple

Since we started working on the Simple Past Tense, you may do some extra work on this topic in your free time.

Here are some websites:


Exercises – Regular Verbs only

The list – Irregular Verbs

Hangman - Verbs

Verb Tense Battleship Game







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Character Adjectives Worksheet

 Fill in the blanks with the adjectives in the box. There is one extra word.


co-operative   –   lazy   –   forgetful   -   bossy   –   moody   –   impatient   -  fussy   –   helpful   –   ambitious  -  selfish   –   courageous


1.    John is _______________ about his food; if it isn’t cooked well, he doesn’t eat.

2.    Susan is a Leo, so she is a little _______________, which means she likes giving orders.

3.    I don’t like _______________ people. One minute they are happy and the next they are sad.

4.    Amanda is _______________. She doesn’t like sharing her books with other students.

5.    Tony is a/an _______________ man. When he must wait, he always looks at his watch.

6.    I think Edward Tudor is not a coward but a/an _______________ boy. He is a prince but he can change places and go out of the palace.

7.    You can’t remember anything easily. You are a real _______________ person Emma!

8.    Some people enjoy working together with others. For example, if you want to be a footballer, you must be a/an_______________ person.

9.    Sue is carrying the bags of that old lady. She is a very _______________ little girl.

10.     People call me ‘_______________’. Yes, I know I am not a hardworking person, but I am not …….  :(  Am I?

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Character Adjectives

This week we are working on the list of words we may use when we talk about the character of someone.


For example, you may say:

“Jane is secretive because she doesn’t tell anyone how she feels.”


You may find the list here:






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Animals are interesting,
Animals are beautiful.
Animals are special,
Animals are cute.

(by Utku Ü)


I eat seed.
I sometimes sit.
I’ve got wings.
What am I?

(by Can 4C)



I am big
I am strong
I am the king of the forest
What am I?

(by İdil 4C)


Coming up to me with long tails,
A hairy body but sharp nails.
Two big green eyes… and has whiskers

What am I?

(by Çağla 4C)



Sometimes I jump in the sea,
Sometimes I eat small fish,
Sometimes I swim with a ship
I am grey and bright,
Who am I?

(by Aslı 4C)



Sometimes I am clever
I have big eyes
I have pointy nose
Who am I?

(by Berk 4C)



Lions are big,
They eat pig,
They are gigantic,
Who are they?

(by Burak 4C)



Sometimes I am green
Sometimes I am yellow
Sometimes I am colourful
Sometimes I am black
Sometimes I am red
Usually I stay very still
What am I?

(by Ada 4C)



I live in the forest.
I live in the plains.
I live in the flowers.
What am I?

(by Ozan 4C)



Sometimes I sleep
Sometimes I swim
Sometimes I run
Sometimes I jump
Sometimes I catch cats

(by Batu 4C)



Sometimes I fly
Sometimes I walk
I am lucky
I have dots
What am I?

(by Zehra 4C)


Sometimes I run
Sometimes I jump
Sometimes I play
What am I?
In summer my colour change to light brown
In winter my colour change to white
What am I?

(by Lara 4C)



Sometimes I have sharp teeth
Sometimes I swim in the deep ocean
Sometimes I eat people
What am I?

(by Sarp 4C)



Sometimes I roar,
Sometimes I hunt,
Sometimes I run so fast
What am I?

(by Tuna 4C)



I live in the sea
Sometimes I swim
My colour is grey
What am I

(by Defne 4C)



I have a long tail
I like to fly
I have a beautiful beak
What am I?



I am a teacher
I love children
I love teaching

I am a housewife
I love my house
I love my kids

(by Yağmur 4A)



My neck is very long
I am eating leaf
I have got spots on my body
What am I?

(by Baran 4A)



Sometimes I roar
Sometimes I hunt
Sometimes I stay hungry
I symbolise Galatasaray
Do you know me?

(by Demir 4A)



Sometimes I jump.
Sometimes I munch.
Sometimes I sniff.
What am I?

(by Alisa 4A)


Different kinds of animals,
Bugs, reptiles and mammals,
Living on land or in seas,
Some are smaller than peas.
Cheetah is very fast,
It lives on plains.
Bees make delicious honey,
For it, we pay a lot of money.
For my birthday I wish
A beautiful goldfish.

(by Utku Y 4A)



They can hunt
They can run
They have sweet brown fur
What are they?

(by Duru 4A)



Sometimes I play
Sometimes I scratch
Sometimes I sleep
What am I?

(by Selin 4A)



Hi, my name is dangerous.
I usually swim in the ocean
If I don’t move, I can’t breathe
What am I?

(by Eylül 4B)



Sometimes I fly.
Sometimes I sit down.
Sometimes I bite.
What am I?

(by Derin 4B)


I hop and hop.
I eat vegetables.
I always eat grass.
Think about who I am.

(by Lara 4B)



Sometimes I sleep
Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hunt
I am a big cat
What am I?

(by Ege Ş 4B)



I have a mouse,
It has a house.
I like it,
It likes fruit.



Sometimes I play with my owner
Sometimes I wag my tail
Sometimes I bark
What am I?

(by Irmak 4B)



Sometimes I climb the tree.
Sometimes I sleep in bed.
Sometimes I eat fish and milk.
What am I?

(by Gizem 4B)



Sometimes I bark
Sometimes I jump to people
Sometimes I eat bones
What am I?

(by Emir 4B)



Sometimes I run
Sometimes I sleep
I hunt zebra
What am I?

(by Kerem 4B)



Sometimes I bay
Sometimes I walk
Sometimes I sleep
What am I?

(by Ayşe 4B)


Sometimes I swing on the trees.
Sometimes I climb on the trees.
Sometimes I eat bananas.
What am I?

(by Kaan 4B)



I am a beautiful bug,
I have red wings with black spots,
I bring good luck to you
What am I?

(by Zeynep 4B)



Sometimes I swim
Sometimes I walk
Sometimes I lay eggs
What am I?

(by Lina 4B)



Sometimes I run
Sometimes I eat cabbage
Sometimes I jump
What am I?

(by Nehir 4B)


Sometimes I run fast
Sometimes I eat gazelle
Every time my teeth are sharp
What am I?

(by Eren 4B)



Sometimes I say meaow
Sometimes I climb trees
I like hunting birds and mice
I like sleeping
I have fur
What am I?



Sometimes I bark
I like bones
I have fur
I like catching ball.
What am I?

(by Alpay 4B)



I have sharp teeth.
I have sharp eyes.
I have a big nose.
What am I?


I look scary.
I look scaly.
I look amazing.
What am I?

(by Kemal 4B)



I swing on trees
I eat bananas
I play all day
What am I?
What am I?

(by Sıla 4B)



I am a cat,
I am a funny animal,
I can jump, run, and walk,
I can’t fly,
I am a very good animal,
I eat fish,
I love people,
Do you love cats?

(by Doğa 4B)


I saw, I saw, I saw,
A lion in the zoo,
I saw, I saw, I saw,
A baby tiger too,
I saw, I saw, I saw,
A big grey kangaroo,
I saw, I saw, I saw,
I saw them at the zoo.

(by Ceylin 4C)



Hi, I am a shark
I can swim
Hi, I am a giraffe
I can eat leaf on the trees
Hi, I am a monkey
I can jump from tree to tree
Hi, we are animals, we are fantastic.

(by Duru 4C)



Sometimes I crawl.
I am big.
Sometimes I bite.
I live in the forest
What am I?

(by Çakır 4A)



Sometimes I jump.
Sometimes I munch.
Sometimes I sniff.
What am I?

(by Alisa 4A)



Sometimes I swim.
Sometimes I smile.
I like children.
I like eating fish.
What am I?

(by Lara 4A)



I am very strong
Sometimes I hunt
Sometimes I run very fast
What am I?

(by Işık 4A)



Sometimes I lay eggs
Sometimes I walk
Sometimes I swim
What am I


Sometimes I crawl
But not fly
I am a good animal
What am I

(by Dersu 4A)



Never I can fly
Never I can run fast.
What am I?

(by Defne 4A)


I fly high,
Up to the sky,
I never cry,
I eat seeds, worms and flies
Can you guess what am I?

(by Burak 4A)


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Questions Questions Questions

Task 1: Make sure you know the meaning of these ‘question words‘:


* What

* Who

* Where

* When

* Why

* How

* Which

* Whose

* How much

* How many

* How old

* What time


Task 2: Now you can do some exercises online:



Task 3: Listen to your teacher and answer these questions:

1. What time does Mark get up?

2. What does he have for breakfast?

3. When does he have dinner?


4. What does Emma do before work?

5. When does she usually start work?

6. Why does she like her job very much?



Task 4: Make questions by using these verbs:

like – wake up – play – come – teach


1. Cem: What time _______ in the morning?

Alex: At 6:30.


2. Cem: How _______ to school?

Alex: I love walking, so I come on foot.


3. _______  basketball at weekends?

Alex: Yes, I do, and I sometimes play tennis.


4. Alex: Your mum is a teacher, right?

Cem: Yes, she is.

Alex: What _______  ?

Cem: Maths.


5. Alex: _______ her job?

Cem: Yes, she loves it.




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The Alphabet

Here is the English Alphabet! There are 26 letters in the alphabet.

You can listen to the slow and fast versions of the song to remember the alphabet:




 A     B     C     D

E     F     G     H    I      J 

     K     L    M    N    O     P    Q   

R    S     T    U    V    W

X    Y    Z



1.       Is the alphabet the same or different in Turkish?

2.      Do you have a favourite word in English? What is it?

3.      Do you know the alphabet of another country?



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Selin’s Blog

Would you like to see an amazing blog? Meet Selin!



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Do you like dancing?



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We Love Games!

We played a game today to practice numbers before the quiz…

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The Boy Does Nothing by Alesha Dixon

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Read Books (

Far Out!

Interesting facts about animals that can do amazing things.

For example; silverback gorilla, Egyptian vulture, and monarch butterfly.

You can read it if you are interested in the world of animals:



There are more books online about animals. Click, login, and read as many as you can. Don’t forget to tell me.



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Games “Living Things”

Play some games about “Living Things” (humans, plants and animals):




or a Memory Card Game about “Animals”:

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Daily Routines – Making Sentences

Make sentences! Put the words in the right order.



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Daily Routines Song

Listen to the song called “Wake Up” and answer the questions:


True or False? What does he do when he wakes up in the morning?

1. He wakes up and washes his clothes.

2. He brushes his teeth.

3. He has a cup of coffee.

4. He combs his hair.

5. He eats breakfast and then he goes to school.




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The Scary Skeleton Song

Listen to the song about the skeleton:



by British Council

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World Smile Day – 4 October

It’s World Smile Day today so smile, smile, smile!

Happy World Smile Day! Do an act of kindness.  Help one person smile.

Today is World Smile Day, so I encourage you to watch this video and smile as much as you can!



1. What makes you smile?

2. Do you think smiling is healthy?

3. Who designed the original smiley face logo? ( :) )


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Listening Practice #2 “Roadrunners”



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Listening Practice #1 “Chicky & Pepper”

Listen to the text about Chicky & Pepper, two cats!

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Daily Routines

* Clean your teeth

* Start work

* Have lunch

* Finish work

* Go for a walk

* Meet friends

* Have a coffee

* Get home

* Listen to music

* Watch television

* Have a shower


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Little Known Facts About the Human Body

1. Fingernails grow faster than toenails.

2. An average human scalp has 100,000 hairs.

3. A human being loses an average of 40 to 100 strands of hair a day. 

4. It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown.

5. Babies are born with 300 bones.

6. Adults have only 206 bones in their bodies.

7. Every person has a unique  tongue  print.

8. After spending hours working at a computer screen, look at a piece of white paper. You will probably see it pink.

9. Chewing food takes from __________  seconds, swallowing takes about __________  seconds.

10. It takes __________ hours for food to move through the intestine.


For more:


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International Day of Peace – 21 September

Today (21 Sept) is the international day of peace! Did you know that?

I’m praying for more peace, less violence and hatred in our homes, communities, and world on International Peace Day.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day!



Here is a song you can sing:

I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers:

And… my questions:

1. What does Susan have in her fingers?

2. What does Susan have in her head?

3. What does she have in her heart?

4. Do you like the words she shows?

5. Do you like songs?

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Vocabulary: “Food”, “Body”, “Daily Habits”

Hello everyone!

This week, we tried to remember the words we know.

First, we wrote down all the words we could remember related to food & drink, our body, and some daily habits needed for healthy living.

Then we made our own dictionaries in our groups…

Here is just an example of how hard we worked:



1. What words could you remember?

2. Did you enjoy the activity? Why/Why not?

3. Do you like group work?



Do you need an online dictionary?

Merriam Webster
- Picture Dictionary
- Longman
- Cambridge




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